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Impacts of a Warming Arctic: Arctic Climate Impact Assessment

The aim of the assessment was to gather existing knowledge in the field from a broad spectre of disciplines with the intention of producing a number of policy recommendations for the arctic countries. The report included research from the fields of environmental, health and social sciences.

It concluded that climate change and its effects will be felt more in the Arctic than in many other places in the world. Many of the conclusions have proven true, but the speed of change has been faster than expected and has surprised many researchers. These insights cleared the road for the next large report by the Arctic Council.

In extension of the ACIA, the report considers how a changing climate is likely to affect socioeconomic and environmental conditions in the Arctic. One of the videos is concerned with the effects of climate change on the Greenland Ice Sheet and on how a changing climate is expected to affect Greenlandic society.

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Changes to date in the Antarctic though do appear to require some amount of change in the polar vortex to explain, in particular, the large amount of springtime cooling in the polar vortex there Shindell, Thus while the dynamic feedback finds some support in the data and in models, it is not well quantified. However, none of the above-mentioned studies show any signficant improvements in the next few decades, and thus all actually support the measured ACIA statement.

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Austin, J. Shindell, S.

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Beagley, C. Dameris, E. Manzini, T. Nagashima, P.

Arctic Climate Impact Assessment

Newman, S. Pawson, G.

Arctic Climate Impact Assessment (ACIA)

Pitari, E. Rozanov, C. Schnadt, and T.

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Shepherd, Uncertainties and assessments of chemistry-climate models of the stratosphere. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics , 3, Nagashima et al.

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  • Arctic Climate Impact Assessment. Policy Document..
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Future development of the ozone layer calculated by a general circulation model with fully interactive chemistry. Geophysical Research Letters , 29, Shindell D. Rind and P.