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Every reader will be taken by Kira's plight and will long ponder her haunting world and the hope for the future. See more about this book on Archive. Copy and paste this code into your Wikipedia page. Need help? Last edited by Mary Elizabeth Delfino. August 9, History. Add another edition? Want to Read. Are you sure you want to remove Gathering Blue The Giver 2 from your list? Written in English. Kira has just completed the four-day wake in the Field of Leaving to help her mother's spirit leave the world.

Because her mother died of sickness, their 'cott' was burnt down.

Thus, because Kira's father died hunting before she was born, Kira is now a homeless orphan. And because she was born with a twisted leg and she's only an adolescent, she'll be hard-pressed to survive in her primitive-medieval post-apocalypse village. Indeed, a group of women led by the scarred and scary Vandara wants Kira's land, and when the girl protests, she's nearly stoned. The women believe Kira should have been exposed at birth as a cripple.

Kira saves herself by invoking the right to have the dispute settled by the Council of Guardians. Having plans for her uncanny skill at combining colored threads into designs, the Guardians decide to move Kira into their Council Edifice.

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The Giver is a high-tech dystopia in which the people living in the community have traded away differences, history, and deep emotions for homogeneity, peace, and safety. Because The Giver is so affecting, when I started Gathering Blue I was surprised by its seeming lack of connection to its predecessor. They share no characters, and their settings differ, for Kira's post-apocalypse society is centered on remembering rather than forgetting the terrible past and is low tech--there's no plumbing outside the Council Edifice and the mostly illiterate people live a hand to mouth existence based on female agriculture and male spear hunting.

Nevertheless, both books make a set because they feature young protagonists whose special gifts destine them for special roles in their societies and because their societies are dystopias that repress or control their people through systematic ignorance or false beliefs. Kira's life takes an unexpected turn when she starts living in the Council Edifice.

She finds a friend in a boy about her age called Thomas who is a gifted wood carver.

She learns to make dyes from plants and flowers--all colors but blue, for her village lacks the necessary woad. She gets her first job, repairing the Singer's robe, which is embroidered with scenes from the violent history of humanity culminating in the fiery Ruin that destroyed civilization and left scattered settlements.

Lowry's writing is limpid and concise. She depicts believable and sympathetic young characters. Kira is brave, bright, and sensitive, and inspiring when she remembers her mother's loving advice: 'Take pride in your pain. You are stronger than those who have none.

Lois Lowry’s new Son finally concludes and resolves the classic story of The Giver

Lowry fleshes out her post-apocalypse world via language 'cotts' are huts, 'tykes' kids, 'hubbys' husbands, and 'artist' is a nearly forgotten word , names infants have one-syllable names, post-pubescents like Kira two-syllable ones, adults three, and old people four , and irony the villagers don't know that the Council Edifice is a former church or that Bogota and Baltimore are names of pre-Ruin cities.

I think, however, that Lowry writes more believable main characters than completely convincing future societies.

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In Gathering Blue, life in Kira's post-apocalypse village feels real, but Lowry never explains the hot running water in the Council Edifice or the policy to prevent villagers from learning the truth about the terrible beasts in the woods or the nature of Kira's ability to receive messages from her thread designs. Lowry avoids some typical YA story developments. No romantic triangles! And no violent action scenes, unlike, say, The Hunger Games Kira is no Katniss , or even The Giver movie which features an absurd chase scene near the climax.

And she likes ambiguous, thought-provoking endings. The perfect ending of The Giver leaves open whether Jonas and the baby Gabriel he escapes with from his community die of cold and hunger or find a better place to live. But--for this reader--in Gathering Blue she leaves too much unresolved, unlikely, and unlikeable. Kira finally makes a choice I can respect, but given the circumstances not one I can believe that she'd be saintly enough to make or one that would turn out well, despite some hopeful shoots of woad.

The reader of the audiobook, Catherine Borowitz, enhances the story in all the right ways with her compassionate and clear voice. People who like The Giver should like Gathering Blue, but although it has more humor and is more poignant than its more famous predecessor, it's also less perfect. By: Lois Lowry. Narrated by: Katherine Borowitz. Series: Giver Quartet , Book 2. Length: 5 hrs and 27 mins. Publisher's Summary Kira, an orphan with a twisted leg, lives in a world where the weak are cast aside. She fears for her future, until she is spared by the all-powerful Council of Guardians.

Kira is a gifted weaver and is given a task that no other community member can do. While her talent keeps her alive and brings certain privileges, Kira soon realizes she is surrounded by many mysteries and secrets. No one must know of her plans to uncover the truth about her world and see what places exist beyond.

Critic Reviews "Lowry returns to the metaphorical future world of her Newbery-winning The Giver to explore the notion of foul reality disguised as fair Also, their unusually kind treatment hides many mysteries. What really happened to her parents? Why have they been taken in? Who is crying on the floor below? What is the nature of her talent that so interests the Council? With Thomas, a boy with a similarly unusual talent for carving, also orphaned and taken in by the Council, and Matt, a cheerful little urchin from the Fens, she begins to explore the nature of the society she has taken for granted.

Both take place in ordered villages in a future after worldwide destruction, and both revolve around children who, given the task of preserving cultural memories, discover the secrets upon which their society is built. Although the first book explored a seemingly perfect high-tech future society, here the society is more medieval, both squalid and savage.

Gathering Blue by Lois Lowry: The Giver, Part 2. Only not.

In both stories, young people have special talents that not only save them but also burden them with responsibility and challenge them to find a way to make things better. That should make any one of us think. The story is captivatingly simple yet complex, as are the characters. Some readers may wish for more explanation of a few mysterious events, as well as wish for an ending that seems more final. However, most fans of the earlier book will find this a well-written complement and will catch glimpses of a bigger picture yet to come.

They will be yearning to read the next two books in the quartet. Families can talk about book series. Do you like reading several books that fit together to tell a bigger story? How does this series compare with others you've read? What similarities do you see between the two books?

What differences? How do you feel about the ending? What do you think author Lois Lowry is trying to say?

Gathering Blue Audiobook by Lois Lowry – Giver Quartet #2

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