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Moth Smoke by Mohsin Hamid

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Mohsin Hamid interview on "Moth Smoke" (2001)

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Discerning Hyper Reality in Mohsin Hamid's Moth Smoke: A Postmodernist Reading

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Moth Smoke

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Moth smoke 1. A brief analysis of the novel Moth smoke portrays contemporary Pakistan vividly. A rivalry between them led to Aurangzeb defeating his brother, delivering his head to their father and ending up sitting on the throne. Perhaps , he doubted then the memory that his boys had once played together , far from his supervision and years ago , in Lahore.

Moth smoke is about passion , rivalry adultery ,desperation , materialism and social class differences.

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The emotions and conflicts that are bolted up inside the youth of our country. Then rivalry between Daru and Ozi who used to be good friends , over Mumtaz and social class differences. Then their materialistic approach towards life.

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Everyone is indulged in money making , everyone is in search of more and more. The whole story revolves around three main characters and all the three are representatives of different classes of society. Ozi the representative of an ultra rich social class, Daru a middle class banker ,and Murad a lower class rickshaw driver.

Ozi an ultra rich , involved in money laundering to fulfill his urge to have more money more power. Who crush away everything comes in his way. Did you find yourself prejudging the narrator? What does each get out of the affair? Why do you think he stays on even as Daru is unable to pay him? How would you describe the interplay among classes in Lahore? What do you think Mumtaz is seeking in her work as an undercover journalist?

Why or why not? Would you consider him an anti—hero or worthy of reader sympathy?

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