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rapture of the deep

Fades by Cheer-Accident. It's not often that a band's 19th studio album is one of their best, but it sure seems like that's what's happened here. Dizzying, meticulously-arranged prog that balances full-on barnstormers with moments of dread and unease. Death Under Rainbows by Dan Phelps.

Dan Phelps' latest onslaught of bruising drums with guitar sounds that range from noisy strum to artful pluck. Computant by Us, Today. A wild post-rock adventure, powered by complex percussion, jagged guitar lines, and bright vibraphone.

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Yazz Ahmed guests and we feature "The Music of" tribute to French musical legends. Although he had been diving the Andrea Doria for three summers, on this day he got lost in the maze of stairwells connecting its 10 decks.

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Stevenson got a taste of his sport as a boy growing up in Bloomfield Hills, Mich. Rob and his younger brother, Jeff, used to go skin diving in the lake across the street from their home. Stevenson went on to prep school in Massachusetts and then to the University of Iowa, where he studied Knglish and writing.

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In he met Sheila, a school registrar, when she came into his restaurant. By that time, Sheila had already resigned herself to life with a thrill seeker: On their third date he took her rock climbing.

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Stevenson has some remarkable mementos to show for his dives: gold-leaf china etched with the word ITALIA, silver chalices and fine crystal, all of which he recovered from the foyer deck of the Andrea Dorla. Buy from our partners. Jacky, an expert swimmer, is enlisted to fill British coffers by diving to the ocean floor in a newly invented contraption. Disguised as Americans on a scientific mission, Jacky and her mates find more than they have bargained for in the warm waters off Havana: rollicking adventure, dangerous skirmishes with pirates and a Spanish warship, and treasure beyond their wildest dreams.

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Jacky Faber has survived roaring battles on the high seas, the stifling propriety of a Boston finishing school, and even confinement in a dank French prison. But no adventure has quite matched her opportunistic street-urchin desires -- until now. Reviews from Goodreads.